Timing and Timers


Please note the following timing matters for the Stoa NITOC.

Parents, you may be timing Platform and Interpretive events when you judge. This is the only time we want parents timing unless all judging slots are filled. Otherwise, we respectfully request that parents leave the timing to the students and their siblings. Parents will be needed to judge at this tournament. If all judging slots are filled for a round and you want to offer your services as a timekeeper, then by all means please go ahead. However, timing rounds does not take the place of your judging responsibilities. Please do not time a round thinking you have fulfilled your judging role for that round or for the tournament.


What a fantastic effort you timers have made this season! We could not have run tournaments without you. We are looking forward to your involvement yet again.

We are planning prizes for those of you who time the most!

During the IE Patterns, we need you time the Limited Preparation events, e.g. Apologetics, Extemporaneous and Impromptu. If all the limited preparation rooms have timekeepers, then please feel free to time Platform and Interpretive events.

Lincoln Douglas and Team Policy Debate

Debaters are expected to time their own rounds. Timers will time debates as availability permits.

Platform and Interpretive Events

Parent judges will time Platform and Interpretive events. Timing these speeches only requires pushing Start and Stop on the timepiece. This can easily be accomplished by one of the judges. This will minimize the impact on our limited timer resources.

Limited Preparation Events

Sibling timers will time the Limited Preparation events. We will seek to utilize the most experienced sibling timekeepers for these events.

If all the Limited Preparation events have timekeepers, then the remaining sibling timers will be released to time the Platform and Interpretive events.

Everyone should bring timepieces to the tournament. This applies to parents, competitors, and sibling timekeepers.