Thank you for giving back to the activity that has served you so well. Please volunteer to judge to your heart's content.

Only one alumni judge may be present on any three judge panel.
Only two alumni judges may be present on any five judge panel.
Only three alumni judges may be present on any 7 or 9 judge panel.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Do be encouraging.
  • Do write helpful comments, the type you would have appreciated when you were competing.
  • Do remember that although you are in college or beyond, the competitors are in High School or Junior High School.
  • Do be humble in your appraisal of the competitors.
  • Do not judge a debate if you competed against the student(s) last year in outrounds.
  • Do not judge a speech or debate involving any former "rivals."
  • Do not judge anyone you have coached.
  • Do not judge any clubs you are currently involved with.