Judging Responsibilities

New Information!!!!

Judging Requirements by State, Club, and Family

We are very excited about meeting you all in San Diego next week!

The Parent Judge Requirements that are on the NITOC website were an estimate. Now that registration is closed, we have the actual numbers. We are sending you a link to the judging requirements that we will be using for each family/club for the tournament.

It is our goal to honor parents who have made the time and effort to attend NITOC, and to bless and be a witness to our dear guests and community judges. One way to do this is to keep the tournament running on time. This also allows bits of time for you to fellowship, and for the competitors and families to have a break and eat their lunches and dinners.

In order to make this tournament possible, and to keep the tournament on schedule, we will be keeping track of the number of rounds judged by each person. When you pick up a ballot to judge, you will be asked for your name and cell phone number, as well as your club name. This will allow us to give appropriate credit for each round you judge. If you are judging for someone in a different club, be sure to put their club name down when you judge a round for them.

The link below is a pdf file of judging requirements, as listed by state and club. It also lists each family and the number of rounds generated by the family that the family and club need to cover. If your student competes in two different clubs, your judging requirements will be split between the two clubs. You will need to look under both clubs listed to get your total number of rounds required to judge.

NITOC Judge Requirements

If your student only does IE, we encourage you to judge debate so you can watch your student (and vice versa if your student only debates). If you have a large number of rounds to cover, please plan carefully. There are several places in the schedule where it is not possible to judge two rounds in a row because the rounds are so close together. If you get behind, you may have difficulty catching up.

Note: In order to get a ballot to judge, you will need to be at the Parent Ballot Push table 30 to 45 minutes before the round.

Note: Be sure to arrive early each morning in order to get a ballot. For example, please do not arrive at 8:00 am to judge an 8:00 am round.

Note: Please do not ever bring a ballot from one round into anther round to complete. The Tab Team needs your decision promptly in order to tabulate the previous round.

If you have more than 6 or 7 rounds, you may not be able to judge only IE—you may need to judge debate in order to cover all your rounds.

Note: If you have not been to a Stoa orientation this year, you will need to do that prior to judging any rounds.

Our heaviest demand for judges is Thursday. Each round on Thursday necessitates approximately 150 judges. With three debate rounds and two IE rounds, this means we need about 750 judges for the day.

We are requiring each family to judge at least two of the five Thursday rounds. This will still not be enough judges for each round, so we need at least half of the families to judge three rounds on Thursday. Because we are breaking to Triple Octofinals in debate, all families will need to judge multiple rounds on Thursday even if their children are fortunate enough to advance to outrounds.

We also have some families who need help meeting their judging requirements. For those of you in this situation, please use the list of families and clubs to contact others to help you in meeting your judge requirements. Contact your club or state leaders to get contact information for families on the list. If you are willing to judge any additional rounds to help others, please email me and let me know how many extra rounds you are available to judge.



Please judge each IE event only once. There are a total of 9 IE rounds at the tournament, so with 10 events this should not be an issue.

The exception is Impromptu. EVERYONE will need to judge Impromptu once because each preliminary Impromptu round requires 63 judges. Some of you will need to judge Impromptu more than one time. Please keep a list of the students you have judged in Impromptu. We will provide cards for you to keep track of your rounds. As long as you are not judging the same student again, you are encouraged to pick up another Impromptu ballot.


Please judge each student/team only one time during the entire tournament.

Judging students from your club or state:

Please do not judge students from your club.
You may judge students from your state as long as you have not coached the student in the event you are judging.

Please let me know if you have any questions (or you find a mistake). My email address is: duff_da@juno.com .

Sharon Duffy
NITOC Judge Coordinator/Judge Tracking

(Previous Information)

Judging Needs for NITOC

Thank you for all the rounds you have judged and the excellent feedback you have provided this year. The students competing at the National Invitational Tournament of Champions are depending on your keen eye, sharp minds, soft hearts, and lively pens, yet again. We cannot have a tournament without your significant investment in judging.

Judging responsibilities for parents at NITOC 2011 may need to be adjusted after the close of registration.

Because there are so many outrounds and double elimination debate, there are many rounds to be judged at NITOC--probably more than you have been required to judge at previous tournaments. Below are the number of rounds at this tournament.


IE Prelim Rounds: Six (Three rounds divided into Pattern A and B.)
IE Outrounds: Three (Large events will have Quarterfinals and all events will proceed to Semifinals and Finals.)


Debate Prelim Rounds: Six
Debate Outrounds: Nine

The number of judges required at a tournament is dependent on the number of events entered by each student. Consequently, the judging requirements at NITOC will be based on how many students from each family are entered in how many events.

Parent Judge Requirements

(Subject to change after close of registration)

Two rounds for each IE event entered. (E.g. If you have one student in two IE events each, you need to judge four IE rounds during the tournament.)

Four rounds for each LD student entered. (E.g. If you have two students in LD, you need to judge eight LD rounds.)

Two rounds for each TP student entered. (E.g. If you have two TP students, you need to judge four TP rounds. The partner's family needs to judge the other four rounds. If siblings are paired, you need to judge two rounds for each student, meaning four rounds total.)

Families with multiple students or individual students entered in multiple events will need to plan their judging carefully in order to fulfill their judging requirements. If the numbers are such that you cannot possibly judge the number of rounds needed because of the number of students or events, then it is your responsibility to request others to judge your required rounds.

It is vital that you provide your cell phone number on the judge registration page, and not your home phone number.