Dress Code for Stoa Tournaments

RULES: Competitors must be clean, neat, modest and dress professionally.



May wear suits, slacks and a sports coat, slacks and a sweater or vest, all with a shirt and tie, and dress shoes.


May wear suits, slacks with jackets, slacks with sweaters or vests, dresses and skirts with blouses, with hemlines to the bottom of the knee. A young lady must keep modesty as the focus: tight-fitting, low cut, midriff revealing shirts, slacks or skirts are inappropriate. The midriff must be covered even during gesturing in speeches.

To both

The focus of the activity is to improve communication skills, with the intent to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. A student should be able to appear modest and professional while improving these skills.

Award Ceremonies

Students should attend the award ceremonies in their tournament attire.

Changing clothes during the tournament: If at any time a student changes into casual wear, the student should remain clean, neat and modest.


Penalty - If the competitor’s tournament attire is deemed inappropriate, the penalty can be up to and including the loss of a round.
Appeal – Debaters or Speakers may appeal by the established rules in the appeal procedure.